Amanda Maciel Antunes

Autopsicografia / Autopsychography

Amanda Antunes


A performance/exhibition taking place in a space and time frozen by its unpractical consequences. 
Autopsicografia* (Portuguese) is an abstract narrative by artist Amanda Maciel Antunes (aka daMa), telling the story of adapting to a new language and thought. Thinking is a language that doesn’t make the distinction of a matter of course and in this narrative the artist explores these allegedly distinct parts of nature with doubts in its incision. During its course the artist concedes, interferes and changes her reality by meddling with her seemingly instinctive area of perception and culture camouflage; gradually speaking to an audience (physical or in a cloud) that her boundaries on a spectrum are universal constants of the human race.

Duration is 10 hours. Guests are invited to come as they please**. The exhibition will be recorded. Guest artists (TBA) will be invited to participate throughout the day. 


Moon Huts

5320 Valley Blvd, Los Angeles, California 90032

*The title of this performance is a homage to the Portuguese writer Fernando Pessoa’s poem of the same name.

**Out of town audience will be invited to join a live broadcast via Google Hangout prior to event.




self-portrait by Amanda Maciel Antunes

self-portrait by Amanda Maciel Antunes