Until death it's all living


renditions for a perfomance at Montserrat DTLA 

A Performance for an abstract audience. Depicting the artist as his own audience and becoming the unworldly idealist of his reality.

Video: The context of reality as a lens by which we identify and understand ourselves. We experience reality in a series of different locations. Changes in physical distance dictate the mechanics of our relationships with ourselves. Footage from my travels in the Brazilian Amazon and Los Angeles.

Exploring these questions:

How does the perceived permanence or temporality of our location affect us? What man can pretend to know the riddle of another’s mind?

In a sequence of live drawings and movements the artist responds to sound experiments and a video installation projected onto a blank canvas — excavating the visual and emotional tropes of explored landscapes. 

Words and Field Recordings by Amanda Maciel Antunes

Soundscape Composition by Sofia Hultquist of Drum and Lace