AMANDA MACIEL ANTUNES (with Memoryhouse) and AUTUMN AHN (with Evidence of a Signal)

Through this engagement, the artists examine the forms that their work can take in an unfamiliar shared space in the process of producing art. The result is a simultaneous composition that transforms the performative spaces into allegories of its original function.

frontOFFLYER copy 3.jpg


Memoryhouse is a on going series of small and durational poetic narrative performances and installations that reflect in the commonness of time, our projected realities and our notions of movement as stillness. During its course the artist concedes, interferes and changes her reality by meddling with her seemingly instinctive area of perception and culture camouflage; gradually speaking to an audience (physical or in a cloud) that her boundaries on a spectrum are universal constants of the human race. This project, now in its second year iteration, is about the state of grace of our lives and where it lies within time given and time taken. 


In its first iteration, a twelve by eight foot house stood from the ground projecting a pre-recorded performance of the artist in time unseen by spectators. A rhythmic projection moved thru the house, made of dyed Muslim fabric reflecting on the artists’s childhood memory and bedroom colors. This illusion is creating a function for the main performance happening outside the walls in fragmented performances of appearing and disappearing actions reflecting on the memories of knowing by anticipation. 

all photos by Sarah M. Vasquez.