Artopia LA

Memory House

Site-specific installation and Performance.

This piece called “Memory House” is comprised of a wooden frame pink house covered in dyed muslin fabric that functions as a reflection of what might be going on inside. A projector shows the artist/ performer left behind or what might remain of her spirit. The artist is inside at times in response to what is projected of her and speaks to our modes of thinking, which may or may not possess reality.

During the performance is when the two artists overlap and the viewer is invited to reflect in the commonness of home, our projected realities and our notions of movement as stillness.

++ This is an interactive installation in which visitors are surrounded by a photo - realistic projection of the the artist in the space. ++

Duration - 31:22min with sound 

Location: Union Station, Los Angeles during ARTOPIA LA hosted by LA WEEKLY

Projection Videography by Erik Graham

Original Soundscape by Philip DuPertuis